Payroll & HRIS Process Analysis

We bring objectivity to your business processes and use a collaborative approach to uncover opportunities for improvement. Our process analysis is inclusive of payroll, time collection and the systems that support these areas of your organization, making recommendations around efficiencies, automation, documentation and best business practice.

Payroll Process Re-engineering

We apply our years of diverse industry experience and payroll practice to objectively analyze your payroll procedures, making recommendations for streamlining and automation, focusing on alignment with your specific business requirements.

Interim Payroll Management

We provide experts in the field to ensure continuity of your payroll operations during periods of staff transition, turnover, leaves of absence – planned or unplanned. We specialize in urgent deployment of Consultants who are experienced with your payroll software and can quickly integrate with your team – we “hit the ground running”.

General Ledger Interface Consulting

We are experts with interface configuration and system integration with your General Ledger. We can also assist with reconciliations and help you research and resolve any out-of-balance situations to keep your systems and data in sync.

Documentation and Procedure Manuals

Our experts can analyze your unique payroll policies, processes and procedures to develop documentation that is written in a language your end users will understand. We have experience with multiple systems, various industries, and unique policy situations. To increase employee utilization, we integrate quick-reference materials and checklists to make documents more user-friendly.

Tax Compliance

We have the expertise to build and implement custom reconciliation procedures that meet your company’s needs today and in the future. We provide experienced Tax Consultants who are able to assist with tax filings, amendments and year-end support. Tax audits are less overwhelming when you have an expert on your team – we have seasoned professionals who can support you through the process.

Process Training

Our hands-on, one-on-one and small group approach to training is customized to prepare your users for successful application of your business practice to their daily activities.