Our History

In 1999, Jan Allen founded PayTech, a Payroll and HRIS Consulting Company using a ‘walk beside you approach’ to guide companies through change management.  Jan focuses on strategic planning for the growth and success of PayTech, ensuring strong company performance, operational efficiency, and client satisfaction.

A 28-year veteran to the Payroll Industry, Jan led several Fortune 500 companies through considerable change within their Payroll and Human Resources departments.  Learning from these experiences, understanding the lack of support available within the industry, Jan recognized the need for specialized Payroll and HRIS Consulting services and created a company where various types of support could be made available to every business, regardless of size and complexity. Jan established PayTech as the one and only employee, as most Entrepreneurs do. Jan would go out and pitch her services to companies who had never even considered what she was offering.  Selling services that the market had never been presented with before was a tiring and challenging task.  Persistence paid off and through her leadership, vision, and expertise, Jan has shaped the complex services and solutions that PayTech’s clients require.

PayTech is known as a family-oriented employer of choice, providing excellent opportunities for advancement, learning and career growth.   Jan believes in empowering her consultants to be the best they can be so that they can all be Payroll Super Heroes that “save the day” for their clients.  Jan created a new career path for payroll professionals. Many employees who find they are exceptional in the payroll field are often left with few or undesirable career advancement opportunities. A benefit of Jan founding PayTech was that she was creating positions all over North America that experienced payroll professionals could now strive to grow into. She effectively created a new rung on the ladder for these individuals. In Jan’s previous jobs in the payroll industry, she missed countless recitals, field trips, and other special events with her daughters and knew there was a better way.  She kept this in mind when she founded her company. Right from the beginning, Jan was devoted to providing her staff a work life balance giving her employees the ability to work from home and work flexible schedules. Jan wants each and every employee to feel special. This attitude has become contagious and her employees see each other as family members.  This company culture has formed immense employee loyalty with no management turnover.

Along with many other awards, Jan was recognized by the Denver Business Journal when she won their Outstanding Woman in Business award for her tremendous generosity, community contribution, professional accomplishments and leadership. Jan believes community outreach is vital and is a loyal supporter of many community programs and various charitable organizations.  PayTech is a major donor to the following Non-profit organizations: Children’s Hospital, Rocky Mountain Down Syndrome Association, The American Cancer Society, and Nyaka AIDS Orphans Project in Uganda. For the last 18 years, Jan has supported our troops with the PayTech “Adopt-A-Soldier program”. Each week, PayTech sends care packages to deployed US soldiers filled with home-made cookies, toiletries, books, magazines and goodies. In addition, PayTech donates to the Wounded Warrior Program, Dress for Success, Denver Rescue Mission, Samaritan House, Rocky Mountain School of Expeditionary Learning, and The Children’s Law Center. PayTech also sponsors teams for the ‘Race for the Cure’ event, ‘Passionately Pink for the Cure, Survivors in Sync, and a ‘Relay for Life’ team.

Obtaining certification in 2008, Jan has a strong commitment to the Women’s Business Enterprise National Council (WBENC) staying active by attending national and chapter events.  She was on a panel at the Women’s Business Enterprise Western Region Conference, to discuss ‘How to Build and Maintain Sustainable Relationships with Corporations’.  It is important to her that she supports women in business and as an Ambassador for the WBEC-West Conference, she provided insight and guidance to new certified members of the organization.